Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling a little uncomfy ...

**Read this post only if you've read up to Chapter 3 of Alice I Have Been**

I'm enjoying this book as of now. Really easy to read and engrossing enough.

Gosh, the Mr. Dodgson stuff really has me confused! (Speaking of which ... good choice for a name .. he's a bit dodgy) I'm not one to be okay with older men having seen a girl grow up and then in the future, getting with her (as in The Time Traveler's Wife) but I actually did really like TTTW, so I've started to become accustomed to this being prevalent in books. For example, it also happened in the first three movies of Star Wars.

Anyway, I found myself initially believing that Alice was infatuated with Mr. Dodgson without knowing what her feelings were, of course, and just assumed that in the future, years from now, it might progress into some sort of affair. Anyway, things got weird and uncomfortable when he called her for the gypsy photo session. I was so tense reading that section ... I kept waiting for something awful to happen. And really, I'm guessing the extent of what he does, was probably appalling back then ... was it the equivalent of child pornography or am I just getting carried away?

Anyway, I'm pretty sucked in and want to see what happens ... unfortunately, I have to actually do work.

Also, I'm wondering how much I need to know about what happened in Alice in Wonderland because I don't remember it at all. I might watch the Tim Burton version tonight, though. I also have the Lewis Carrol book, so I might have to read that after I finish this one.


  1. Vaish, I totally agree with you ... it totally was the version of 'child pornography' back then. I kept reading each line so cautiously, thinking 'Is that perverted what he's doing?' Lol ... funny how it's had the same response for us. And I know what you mean about the old guy thing ... but I think I've let it go, and accepted that it is a different era, when men were 15-20 yrs older than their wives, and it was considered the norm.
    I recently saw the Tim Burton version of the movie (which I actually liked) -- I don't know how much it would help you, but it might be fun to watch it right now, since we're in the Alice mood.
    Keep me posted on where you're at, so we can keep discussing. Looks like this is becoming the Bhardwaj Sisters' Book Club ;-)

  2. I felt the same way when I was reading that section. It just seemed weird that he was dressing her in a gypsy dress and photographing her. I feel that he knew her parents wouldn't approve of it either, but why still pursue it?

    I agree with Antara in that it was a different era, but its still a little shady because he is only infatuated with Alice, not pursuing other young girls. And he goes about it in a way that seems like he is not only deceiving her parents, but himself, Alice and society in general.

    I'm a little curious about his gloves throughout the story though. I feel that there is some key about the story that has to with his gloves, or maybe I am reading too much into the authors mention of Mr. Dodgson's gloved hands.

  3. I noticed the mention of gloves too ... what I've interpreted that as is that he usually hides his odd needs/feelings/infatuation with Alice or younger girls maybe and keeps his 'gloves on' but his true identity comes through when he takes them off, as when he photographs her as a gypsy girl and helps her dress without his gloves on.