Thursday, March 31, 2011

April's Decision

Ferah, Antara, and I agreed that Cutting for Stones would be a good book for next month. Since Neha doesn't ever contribute to the blog, she has relinquished her rights to have an opinion. Also, we can't change it now because Ferah already bought the paper copy on Amazon.

Antara, Ferah mentioned a book called The Help by Kathryn Stockett which she has already read and really enjoyed and recommended it to us as a second book, if we finish early.


  1. I saw we give it a full month to finish this book. It's been a slow read for me. It's not boring, I just can't rip through it like the others. Also, Vaish, Mom already read 'The Help' and liked it, so we have it on our Kindle's if we wanna read it for May.
    Neha -- you need to write on the blog!!!

  2. Yeap ... Ferah told me also that it goes way slower. I'm happy with it being a month long book, especially cuz I'm getting sucked into my "Wine for Dummies" book.

    Neha already read Cutting for Stone before, not that it matters since she really isn't a member of this. We should get rid of her authorship privileges since she doesn't use them anyway.

  3. I'm taking a long time as well... but it's been an interesting read so far. I think its good we picked a book we have to concentrate on to keep our skillz honed with a tougher book!

  4. Vaishali- I've just posted so let's tone town the hate talk. ;)

    The book is really good. Abraham Verghese is a really good author, as he's written a few professional memoirs and other short stories. What is the book after this. Maybe if I get a super early start, I'll actually contribute properly ;)