Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garlic & Sapphires Progress?

I'm over half way through Garlic & Sapphires, and I know we were supposed to be done with that book by Thursday. Just wanted to get a sense if anyone else was reading it.

Also, suggestions for next month's book -- Vaishali & I had seen an interesting book from Oprah's Book Club called 'Say You're One of Them,' a collection of not-so-short stories:

Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Well, looks like no one is reading this book! I'm having a hard time finishing it ... I'm starting to skim the pages now, bc after awhile, there are only so many food descriptions I can read. I find this book to lack a story -- it's like reading one article after another, and there's no growth in the character or the story -- I could pick it up from anywhere and I feel like things wouldn't change. I'm only planning on skimming to the end only to see if the book finally does have some sort of story or resolution ... but don't really have any inclination to actually finish the book.

    Any suggestions on what to read next?

  2. I am like 90% the way through it and Neha (our missing member) has already finished the book. Ferah had already read it so at least this book club isn't dying.

    Ferah said she wasn't that into the book that we suggested for next month but if we all wanted to read it, she'd suck it up. Neha obviously is MIA so won't even give an opinion on what she thinks of the book that we chose (or the ones we've read for that matter.) I'm hoping talking shit will get her to actually write.

  3. Well, if Ferah's not excited about it, she should suggest something else. I'm not sold on it or anything.

  4. Here are two options that I've seen:



    I'm not sold on anything, I'm just throwing out options!

  5. So Garlic and Sapphires was good, but nothing really to discuss, I mean all she writes about is her experiences at restaurants. I wanted there to be a little more scandal in the book. Just saying.