Monday, April 25, 2011

Cutting progress

Hey everyone, just wanted to get a sense how we were doing on 'Cutting for Stone?' I've just started part 2 ... it's too slow of a read for me. I'm not hating it, but I just find the detailed description of five million characters really tedious, and this far into the book, and I still have no idea what the story is about.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I prolly won't be done with it by the end of the month, but will continue reading to try to finish it. There better be a twist or something.

I've also heard of this series called 'A Game of Thrones' on which they have recently made an HBO series that is supposed to be fantastic. I'm going to read the sample of that, and if it looks good, we could possibly do that for our next book? Let me know if anyone has heard anything about it.

And yes, Vaish, we should discuss the Hunger Games on our blog.


  1. OMG! So. Firstly, I'm 2/3 through the Hunger Games Trilogy. I'm putting off the last book because if I read it, I know I will be depressed that it is over. So, I have not started Cutting for Stones. Sors. But I promise I will be done very soon.

    More importantly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Game of Thrones series! Vaishali, that's the exact series I was talking about for your birthday! Game of Thrones is the first of four that are completed, and the 5th is supposed to be coming out this July (after a stupid FIVE year hiatus or something. I'm so excited!) There are supposed to be 7 total. Fans are afraid that the author is gonna die before completing the series. Anyway, if people are into fantasy/adventure it's a great series, but it's a pretty serious commitment (but so worth it!)

    Basically, I would be totally down for forcing you guys to read it as part of the book club!

    As an aside, has everybody here read Ender's Game?

  2. Ferah and I have read Ender's Game.

    I definitely also am taking my time with Cutting for Stones. Unfortunately, I got sucked into watching The Good Wife so my reading took a hit. How about let's make the new deadline May 15th?

    Antara, I thought the next book was going to be "The Help"? I'm down to read Game of Thrones and probably will at some point even if it's not a book club book.

  3. I'm down with a May 15 deadline. I could possibly make that. Vaish, Mom read 'The Help.' She said she liked it. Well, regardless we should do both of these books that have been mentioned. But is it possible to find a book that NONE of us have read?

  4. How about Water for Elephants of Lincoln Lawyer for a book none of us have read? I've also been wanting to read a David Sedaris book for a while now, if there is one that none of us have read, that might be a good book for the next month.

    Also I'm down to read the Game of Thrones also, even if it isn't a part of the book club.

  5. I just watched the Lincoln Lawyer, it was pretty good. I'm sure the book would be an interesting read. Hasn't Ferah already read Water for Elephants? Or was she suggesting that and I said no last time? I guess we could do that one since it's now a movie, so how bad could it be? Omg, that didn't apply to Atonement, I HATED that book.

  6. Charitha and Ferah have both read Water for Elephants. I think we need to go more obscure to try to find books we all haven't read.

    Ants--maybe you and I can look through lists of award winning books this week as forced bonding. Lol jk ... last time we did it, it worked, so let's just do that in the next couple days.

  7. This is a book that I'd be interested in:

    It just won the LA times book prize for mystery. Has anybody read this one?

    I'm ok with reading game of thrones as a side read to our main book. John and his friend Adam rave about it and call it an x-rated man-read. Adam told me he thought I'd find all the sex in them offensive, but Adam doesn't really get an opinion in life. I read a bit of it over John's shoulder a year ago, and it seemed fine to me. I just don't think its book club material. Call me snob :)

  8. Antara and I thought that seemed interesting, Ferah. I'm down for that to be our next book.

    Also, for those of us in Seattle, when we're done with this book, can we please go eat Ethiopian food? They always talk about food and I always wanna eat Ethiopian because of it.

    Also, why does everything in my life make me hungry...even reading!! Ugh!

  9. I'll be done with the book by this weekend (actually, more likely today) so let's finalize next month's book. Crooked Letter, it is?

  10. I'll not be done with the book, and I'm ok with that bc I'm really not enjoying it that much. King recently read 'The Informationist' and said it's a decent, quick thriller read if anyone's into that. I'll let you all decide. I'm going to be sitting by the poolside in Mexico reading this next one, can't wait!!

  11. I'm going to throw the smack down and say that you really should finish the book, Ants. That's the point of the book club ... to read a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

  12. Ouch ... I still feel the sting on my cheek from that. Fine, I'll read it, but I won't have it done for the 15th -- you can discuss it with your other book club members and I'll add my commentary after I finish the book six months later.