Monday, February 28, 2011

The Grandparents -- Sympathy or Irritation?

I'm probably alluding to question #6 about Oskar's grandfather, but really, am just bringing up my own issues with the book.

I feel like I tried to be sympathetic towards the grandparents and their situation, but really couldn't feel anything but irritation towards them. I understand that the Dresden bombings messed with them a lot and forced them to have trouble processing normal human emotions, but it just didn't justify their ridiculous acts.

First off, the grandmother really didn't have much of a problem being a caring mother and grandmother. Her only emotional flaws were in her relationship with her husband ... taking him back when he came back 40 years later, not wanting him to leave when he walked out on her again 2 years later.

Then the grandfather ... coming back 40 years later, right when his son has died. Really? How does he expect to "try to live" after that. I don't know ... it reminded me of people who just don't want to be happy and instead of keeping that to themselves, are ruining other people's lives in the process.

I could probably continue with this rant but would like to hear what you have to say before I continue. I haven't decided what I'd give this book in terms of a rating but probably around 2.5-3. The only reason it would get higher than what Antara gave it is that at least it was readable ... some books are so boring I can't even get through them.

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  1. I thought the grandfather showed up BEFORE he realized his son had died?? Wasn't there a scene where the Grandfather was watching the news on TV on the streets and he saw the plane fly into the WTC -- but at that point he didn't know that his son was in there?
    Anyway, it doesn't even matter. All of it was just stupid.