Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Bee & December

Let's start a discussion about Little Bee. Randomly one thing I want to mention is how Charlie's English seemed a little contrived to me. His grammar was almost TOO wrong. Wasn't it a bit annoying? Hmm ... I just wanted to open up discussion but I don't know exactly what to discuss.

Also, any suggestions for December's book? I'll look into it.

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  1. I totally agree about the little kid's grammar mess ups -- little kids don't mess up their language like that. The author knew nothing about little kids for sure. Although the kid wearing the batman suit the whole time reminded me of Iain (nephew from London) -- I could totally see Iain doing that.

    I thought the book started off really well. The whole incarceration, and knowing that she was from some troubled past that they alluded to kept me intrigued and hooked from the beginning. Often when they do such large build-ups to events (in this case, 'the beach') you are disappointed with it when you finally read about it, bc you've already guessed what happened, or it's just cliched. But I thought the whole scene at the Beach was really well written, and I can see why it messed up the family dynamic after that 'vacation.'
    After Little Bee moved in with what's her name though, I felt I started losing interest, little by little. The dynamic between Little Bee and the lover was realistic, I guess, but uninteresting. Did anyone feel that the way that dude talked was really written badly? His dialogue was so fake to me.
    And then I can't even remember what happened in the end -- how did the story end???