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Some answers...

My answers were too long to post in a comment so I had to make a new post:

Hahahhaa I agree that Phillip is also my favorite character but felt a little bad that I was 'falling for' the biggest failure of the family (which says a lot, coming from that family). Definitely endearing and a great sense of humor. I loved that he had no qualms about saying what was on his mind, like "so, what? you're lesbo now, mom?"

I agree that there were a lot of questions but it was meant to be answered by all of us and you tackled the first three pretty well. I'll respond to some of the other ones --

7) I found all the relationships in the book very different from each other, yet a lot of them seemed to work. After Judd reminds Alice that she has a great relationship with Paul and that should mean something to her, I realized how that was very true. Out of all the couples we had seen, they seemed like the most stable.

I never actually felt bad for Wendy for how badly her husband treated her because it seemed like that what she wanted out of life-- stability, money and a family. She seemed strong enough to opt out of it and obviously didn't feel confined in the relationship enough to be faithful, so I don't really pity her much.

Jenn and Wade just seemed like Jenn going through a midlife crisis and wanting to be with the celebrity to add some excitement in her life. Judd's exploding tirade to Wade was totally on point about how he was hoping for a miscarriage so that he wouldn't have to be the stepfather, etc.

Hillary and Linda, hmmm, well I don't think I can fully understand non-heterosexual relationships but in terms of the phase of life that they were in, it seemed like a nice companionship. They were such good friends and there for each other during trying times (Horry's accident, etc.) that it has the elements of a stable relationship, just a little weird that she started it before her husband died and that she all of a sudden became bisexual?

As Antara said, in the beginning you don't know much of Jenn's side of the cheating but it makes sense that a death of a baby, albeit unborn, would cause a rift between a couple. Then the problem is, my biased view of early marriages not being a good idea comes in the way for me to think that it really wouldn't have worked out even if it wasn't for the baby's death.

So to answer this question ... lasting -- Hillary/Linda (maybe because they're old enough that they won't want to venture away from something good), realistic (although unfortunate, according to me) -- Wendy/Barry. I think insurmountable problems -- Phillip/Tracy. I guess this is obvious since she breaks up with him but, I think it's a woman's fatal flaw to see potential in a man and want to bring that out, and Tracy saw that potential in Phillip and wanted to bring it out. Unfortunately it's up to the person themselves to make themselves a better person, and Tracy couldn't change Phillip. He would have to do that on his own, if ever he wanted to change.

8) I do think the Foxman family was a likeable group mostly because they don't think before they speak and are honest, which can sometimes be refreshing. Also, when it comes down to it, they all have 'good hearts' (for lack of better words), and good intentions.

Phillip was my fave, as I said before, mostly because he was the funniest and most uninhibited in his dialogue, but also because underneath it all, he wasn't dumb and he knew that he was a f--- up but wanted to change that. (or so I hope ... as a woman, of course I want to believe that)

I can't say any of the characters were that awful. Alice was kind of out of hand but she redeemed herself when she apologized to Judd and agreed with him when he showed her how she had a good relationship with Paul.

I think I really like what transpired between Paul and Judd. I thought it was really big of Paul to say sorry for being mad for so long and that being angry wouldn't help either one of them even though really, Judd was the asshole. I think that was the most 'senti' situation between the family members, what do you think?

Sorry, I don't think this post was that eloquent but there was a lot to say. Anyway, I enjoyed the book a lot!!

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