Friday, May 20, 2011

80% through ... getting there!

I just wanted to give my mid-book comments -- don't read this unless you're more than 80% of the way through!!

Only at the 60% mark did I finally start somewhat enjoying the book. It was the first time since I started this book that I would actually seek out my Kindle in downtime. Then slowly I've started seeking out downtime to read because I'm finally interested in the story.

The turning point for me was the whole Marion-Genet-Shiva triangle. Marion's love for Genet was very cute & sweet, and Genet was a case where you can see how her circumstances led her so far astray from what she could have been (like what Marion envisioned for their life to be, and what she chose for it to be). And it's interesting how Marion links that one evening when Shiva slept with Genet to be the start of the downward spiral of events in Genet, and ultimately his life. Well, not that it's downward for him, but the fact that he had to become a political refugee of Ethiopia.

I'm currently at the part where he's in America, and he's already met Thomas Stone (that was an exciting moment!). They've realized that neither of them have the letter that was mentioned in the bookmark, neither does Shiva or anyone back in Missing. And I think Marion's finished his internship or something; he doesn't have much contact with Thomas Stone anymore.

I'll definitely finish the book, probably early next week... I'm busy today and tomorrow with 'Ramayana' and I'll finish it right after that. Thanks for forcing me to keep reading!

Can't wait to read the rest of your comments when I'm done -- Ferah, I haven't read your post yet bc I don't want any spoilers. 

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